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Feb 25, - Weston, played by Gabriel Byrne, is HBO's latest incarnation of a psychotherapist on the network's new drama "In Treatment. The issue of erotic transference — when patients develop sexual feelings for their therapists or doctors and even try to seduce them — is not uncommon, and psychotherapists told. He Listens. He Cares. He Isn’t Real. - The New York Times Bonnie. Age: 23. ABOUT MYSELF One of the pre conditions for those psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers who become psychoanalysts is that they receive many years of their own psychoanalysis. A look at the reationship between Paul and Laura in season 1 of In Treatment. Disclaimer: Clips taken from In. Amarna. Age: 29. 1000/ 2 hr 'In Treatment' Has Therapists on the Edge of Their Couches In Treatment, Erotic transference New York Psychotherapy, therapist's Sexual countertransference, erotic countertransference, therapists' sexual feelings In teratment, research on. Erotic Transference and Countertransference. Understanding and The HBO program "In treatment" is unusual in many aspects. Although. Mar 17, - E. Mail Samples: 1) " Erotic transference at first feels like falling in love and has a euphoric quality, but my experience is that it has the potential to be quite emotionally damaging and lingering. For me, after nearly two years, there is still a deep longing, restlessness, and melancholy that will not subside.

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Renata. Age: 22. Want to meet outside of time? In parenthesis relaxation? You found ... Feb 28, - Turned on by a therapist, viewers of HBO's “In Treatment” see the new Dr. McDreamy. The Paul-Laura relationship (not to mention that between Paul and the viewer) is a case study in erotic transference, during which the patient develops feelings of love and sexual attraction for the therapist. Erotic Transference and Countertransference (Clinical Practice in Psychotherapy) (): David Mann: Books. Paul explains that he's arguing with Kate and often doesn't know where she is. Gina alludes that his failing marriage may have to do with the erotic transference he's experiencing with Laura. He accuses her of affixing her own agenda and preconceived notions to his problems, and when she asks him what's bugging him so.


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