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Legs on Shoulders, Bored with the missionary sex position? Try out more ways of spicing things up with our guide to your favourite top 40 sex positions. Sex Positions Ilustrated Nadine. Age: 20. i am an educated, attractive girl with a sexy bottom always in need of a good spanking or whipping. Being whipped drives me crazy hot with a dripping pussy. I am multiorgasmic and enjoy being on top or doggy style and i am ready to fulfil your fantasies. Slow and steady strokes wins the race…. Sep 8, - Your guy will then stand in between your legs, lift them up into the air, and cross them over each other to make an “X.” To keep things stable, you can balance your ankles on his shoulders, or he can hold your legs up against his body. Why You Should Do It: This position is optimal for hitting the G-spot, due. Princess. Age: 22. Want to spend an evening in the company of gorgeous Lady? Want to feel like a real man, passionate and desirable beast that will be seduced by a beautiful temptress? The Best Sex Positions You Should Try Tonight One thing has come up that's been, frankly, really frustrating: a number of men (including the first one I had sex with after my ex-partner), when we're in missionary, will push my legs up over their shoulders so I'm folded into a V-shape. I find it reeeally uncomfortable. I'm not in poor shape or overweight;  Legs over shoulders [sex position]. Heh, never had sex, myself, but I can't say I'm "turned on" by the idea of a girl's legs on my shoulders; just seems like it'd be an uncomfortable position for her, maybe even painful to her legs, unless she's just THAT flexible. Now, pulling them up a bit so that her knees would be to my waist, that seems like it'd.

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Mckenzee. Age: 27. I'm a truly breathtaking young beauty with model looks, that radiates a sensual fascination and charme that takes your breath away. Mar 28, - While there are plenty of sex positions that men can't get enough of, there are just as many sex positions men hate. You can do more of these sex positions successfully with a longer more flexible penis but the point of the variety is that you find the ones that suit you! 68 – Hers The 68 hers Folded Deck Chair. Gives the guy an amazing sense of power as he dominates the women with her legs hanging in the air over the mans shoulders. I feel very sexy when he's on top and he puts my legs over his shoulders. Great for kissing and lots of skin contact. Me on top? Hmmm its OK, but not one of my favorite positions. Reply. Flower-petal. mho 11%. Legs over the shoulders. 0. 0|0. 0|0. Anonymous. My legs over his sholder I recieve more pleasure that way. On the.


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