Do you have an orgasm when you sneeze

Feb 9, - Is sneezing seven times in a row the same as an orgasm? My younger brother has come to me asking if it's true that if you sneeze eight times in a row you'll have an orgasm. Never having As discussed above, some people do manage to sneeze with their eyes open, and they don't go blind from it. Is A Sneeze Really An Eighth Of An Orgasm? – OMGFacts Daisy. Age: 29. Hello! I'm a mature woman in my 40's offering my companionship to mature gentleman preferably over 40 Login details for more than 55, Snapchat accounts made public after Nov 28, - Nevertheless, no scientific basis exists for equating an involuntary nasal expulsion to the sweet shudder of sexual climax. Connections do exist, however. Although supporting literature remains sparse, cases have been reported of men and women who sneeze when sexually aroused. Doctors suspect that. Kitty. Age: 23. If you would like to meet a sweet,friendly and happy lady,always open minded and knowledgable how to pamper a gentleman:). Traveling internationally i converse on english and german fluently. Does sneezing *really* give you a tiny bit of an orgasm? Jun 3, - Not true. While both are involuntary reflexes that release endorphins in the body – the levels do not compare. As in, the post-sneeze feelgood is nothing like the buzzy high post orgasm. 'I think the myth has to do with the erectile tissue in the nose, and how that relaxes once you've sneezed', she says. Sep 23, - Apparently, sneezing 7 times in a row can cause you to have a spontaneous orgasm. Is this true or But even I was a bit taken aback when one of my colleagues encouraged me to “keep going” so I could have an orgasm. . The people who do manage to sneeze with their eyes open don't go blind from it.

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Arisa. Age: 27. Always discreet Jun 2, - You may have been sneezing since the day you were born, but do you actually understand what's happening when you do? This common bodily function can still be mysterious: Why is it so loud? Why does it feel so satisfying? And how come a sneeze can occasionally be so disgusting? All of the answers. What if you were getting really intimate with someone, you thought you were turning him on, and then he started sneezing uncontrollably? Some people have fits of sneezing right after orgasm, and still others sneeze just by thinking about sex. Mahmood Bhutta, a specialist in ear-nose-and-throat surgery at England's.


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