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In female human anatomy, the clitoral hood is a fold of skin that surrounds and protects the glans of the clitoris; it also covers the external shaft of the clitoris, develops as part of the labia minora and is homologous with the foreskin (equally called prepuce) in male genitals. The clitoral hood, like the foreskin, is composed of. Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, Or, Universal Dictionary of Knowledge - Google Книги Candy. Age: 22. I am a young model 1.80 tall, educated and classy, you will enjoy my company and my behaviour. I can come visit you into your hotel room or private apartment or you can come at my place into a nice, central apartment where it will be always a cold bottle of champagne Oxford English Dictionary 3rd ed. It consists of the glans (including the frenulum of clitoris, which is a frenulum on the under-surface of the glans and is created by the two medial parts of the labia minora), the clitoral body (which is composed of two erectile bodies known as the corpora cavernosa), two clitoral crura, the clitoral hood (formed by the labia. Naveen. Age: 21. Memorable, Invigorating, & Life Affirming Crus of clitoris Sep 11, - Press play on the “pink button” and discover seven surprising facts about the clitoris — from being the equivalent of a penis to its wishbone-like shape — to Underneath the shape seen in a female diagraph, the clitoris has a shape of a wishbone, with two legs that extend 3 inches into the vagina, which  Missing: appendage. Sep 4, - Its official name is the commissure, and it's a lot like the foreskin of a man's penis. Think of it as your clit's bodyguard, keeping all that sensitive tissue safe from irritants. There's also a shaft right under the clitoral hood to help connect the head and legs. It's a serious hub of pleasure: your clitoris packs around  Missing: appendage.

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Annie. Age: 26. I like to have fun, I have a high sex drive, I love to play & tease A, Mons pubis; B, prepuce; C, clitoris; D, labia majora; E, labia minora; F, urethral meatus; G, Skene ducts; H, vagina; I, hymen; J, Bartholin glands; K, posterior fourchette; Laterally, the perineum is bounded by the medial surface of the inferior pubic rami, obturator internus muscle below the origin of the levator ani muscle. Nov 25, - It is on the shaft below the head and I have no other health issues. I have never been told anything by my pediatrician or parents in regards to being a hermaphrodite. Related Topics: Penis, Head. Follow QuestionFollowingUnfollow. This complication produces great irritation, and a constant desire to make water: after micturation the pouch can be emptied by pressure from below. Treatment.—The cure of Besides this congenital malformation, the clitoris is liable to morbid hypertrophy, and may increase to a considerable size. Dr. Merriman gives an.


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