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Learn why some people shake after having an orgasm. Why do some women shake when they orgasm? - Uncovering Intimacy Luciana. Age: 21. Hotel or home visits, dinner dates and travel companion The adrenaline experience can be characterised by a quick cold flush similar to feeling a cool shady breeze on a summer's day , elevated heart rate and hypersensivity awareness - fight or flight. Mar 15, - THIS is what happens to your body in the throes of passion. As your breathing gets heavier during an orgasm, your sense of smell improves. Having an orgasm makes you feel hot as both body temperature and metabolism rise. Lou. Age: 24. My name is Whitney am from California! This is what happens to your body during an orgasm After sex, many chemicals in your body drop significantly. This is normally not a problem, but in specific people, or in specific situations, it can cause problems. This is what's happening to you. The precipitous drop off in oxytocin post-sex has left you with high levels cortisol—the stress hormone. Cortisol creates the. Feb 5, - This Wednesday I had asked on Facebook is anyone had any questions about sex and/or marriage, since I hadn't gotten an anonymous question in a couple of weeks. Then one of my regular readers and participator sent me this question (among others). Why the shakes and spasms after orgasm?

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Sadie. Age: 18. Kiss, call me baby!? Hello, im a guy here in the women's forum trying to find out some stuff excuse me if I dont get very specific or seem vague, I dont really know that much about women's health to be honest i recently had sex with my girlfriend and I was laying in bed with her and I noticed she was not really shaking, not quite. This is an even cooler sign of female orgasm but it's not that common. This is basically the same as the rapid and spastic hip movements, except that the whole body is shaking. It's sometimes referred to as a full body orgasm. (In sensitive women, this body shaking can continue for a long time after the orgasm.). Aug 7, - And achieving a full-body orgasm is probably the zenith. With amazing health benefits for your overall well-being, at the end of a full-body orgasm Allowing the energy to flow will be so intense you will feel a shiver run down your spine and spread throughout your entire body. Take things slowly.


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