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It was the kind of warm August night where you don't even want to move. My friend and I were just lying on the couches in my living room playing a baseball video game. We had just started a new game and it was still scoreless. My phone buzzed soon after we began play so I paused the game to fish it out of my pocket. "Paying off a Super Bowl Bet" by Brandy Rebeccas. Age: 19. I do full-service What started out as a tentative cup of her right cheek turned into a squeeze. It was even bigger than some of the ones I'd seen porn stars fawn over millions of times. Jenny loses a stupid bet, and voyeur enjoys! What happens when you day dream while walking in the woods. Cherry wagers her body on a game of pool. A redhead loses a bet to a friend with a big secret. Chloe finals out her debt, and Samantha makes another bet. and other exciting erotic at! Simone. Age: 30. I'm Anchalee an elite courtesan who provide discreet companion for those who appreciate the fines things in life ‘wager’ stories Cherry wagers her body on a game of pool. Bound by the lightest cords. Merging Wife bets it all in strip poker. Frank's story continues in round 2. Highly competitive couple get into making wagers. I get to decide what to do to you tonight. I get control and other exciting erotic at! May 12, - Girlfriend Lost a Bet. by Gustav Jorgenson. Your girlfriend was talking smack about how she could beat your buddy easily at pool. “Oh yeah,” he said with a smile. “How much do you want to bet?” “I'll bet you anything you want,” she said with a sassy toss of her hair. “Would you bet your ass?” he asked with.

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Dido. Age: 18. Heya! My name Amy and I'm the one you've been looking for!! Jan 30, - Tonya smiled at me. “Your choice, baby doll. Jeans or bra?” My fingers trembling, I unzipped my jeans and slid them down, suddenly aware we had attracted a crowd of about 20 onlookers who saw me remove my blouse and surmised there was a little strip pool going on. As I stepped out of my pants, I was. Apr 23, - Kelle was fucked! Figuratively not literally. She had lost a bet. A huge bet. She had been out of the police academy for only six weeks and Kelle was desperate to fit in. Therefore, when a group of officers, all men, had invited her for drinks after shift, she had jumped at the chance. Now she regretted it. Of course, I undress in the privacy of my bedroom every night, but although I was in my own bedroom, there was no privacy that night. I could feel the prying eyes of the stranger covet every inch of skin that I exposed! He sat on the edge of my bed, not three feet away. He had lost patience, "Go on, show me those sweet titties.


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