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Nov 2, - “Well, I wouldn't say semen tastes delicious or anything, but it's okay-ish. Sometimes it makes me feel icky, because it has this soapy off-taste to it. At the same time, it's not entirely repulsive either. Most guys enjoy it when a girl swallows, so I just do it and get on. And who says that the favor isn't returned? 6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Sperm — Yes, You Read That Right Alex. Age: 24. Hey guys I'm located in South Beach but will travel all over Florida to see you! Lets meet up for fun and entertainment! I can come to you or you can come to me;) Is His Semen Normal? If I'm just in a vanilla sex kind of mood, then I won't suggest it, but when I'm in a super-sexy mood, it makes the climax an even bigger deal and I love that. Mar 27, - When she's the one asking you to cum in her mouth so she can swallow it, or when you cum on her tits and you see her licking and eating your semen off them WTF kind of sentence is that, Ms. Sperm Dumpster? 13 ways to make your vagina taste delicious. there are not any. every girl tastes like cod. Destiny. Age: 22. Im a naughty girl can u cum teach me a lesson 13 Ways To Make Your Cum Delicious Apr 14, - Woman B: I'd prefer to [have him ejaculate] just about anywhere else except my face. Also, the risk of getting it in my hair if it's not a hair-washing day is just too much to risk. Woman C: A facial is my fave, because I like the taste. I also am dating this vegan guy and I swear to god, his semen tastes delicious. While semen may get mixed reviews from actual women, in the world of pornographic films semen is no longer something that is gross, yucky, smells bad, or brings disease—rather, it is something delicious, desired, and needed. Perhaps only the bold fantasy of a world dominated by men, and their need for sexual pleasure.

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Roxanne. Age: 19. In life I'm ashy type of alady and abit quite but nice and sweet The long-awaited moment had finally arrived for him, and he felt the thundering burst of overpowering orgasm come exploding from his balls through his cock, into the delicious girl's body. Sperm roared through his conduit like passengers on an express train moving through a long, dark tunnel. There were enough. According to a study conducted on female college students at the State University of New York in Albany, exposure to semen can lower symptoms of depression. The study compared female students In fact, it's even recorded in the bible in a metaphorically way as a delicious apple. If God says it's good for you, then. The taste of a woman. Men aren't the only ones who can make themselves sweet for their lovers. Emily Torres• PM. Most ladies -- myself included -- have grimaced and spit out some sperm on occasion. But what about your own taste? Have you ever stopped someone from going down on you for fear of.


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