Cyst between scrotum anus

Nov 18, - Hi I have a small lump directly between my testicles and my anus. I am 47 and the I also have itching in my anus which has been itching for about 6 months but the lump I have only noticed in the last few days. Can you PERI ANAL CYST - The swelling is ether containing sebum or free fluid. DERMOID. abscess on perineum - MedHelp Rosina. Age: 28. Possible party with my best friend kristin ;-) The answer was far more informative than what I got from the Physicians I saw in person for my problem. Please enter your name here. It is a hernia involving the perineum (pelvic floor), mostly found in men and often appears as a sudden swelling to one side (sometimes both sides) of the anus. Second The Dr. gave me a shot of something into the cyst and it disappeared for approximately 3 weeks. So its in between the anus and scrotum. I am in my. Farrah. Age: 30. l'm Aylin, a passionate, fun and vivacious young top-class gorgeous girl with a playful, positive and spirited outlook on life Lump Between Testicles And Anus. What Could It Be? Feb 7, - It depends on what you think when you say behind my scrotum. Do you mean perianal area, the one that leads to anus or the back of your scrotum? If it is on the perianal area, it could be some kind of cyst or a pimple and if it is on your scrotum, it could be an ingrown hair, sebaceous cyst, or a pimple. Reply. Oct 18, - Wonderingwether2worry has my ideas exactly. i have the same thing his wife did. i went to the doctor and he told me it was a cyst which i think started off as a zit/whitehead thing. its right in between my testicles and anus. it sucks. it was gone for a while because he gave me antibiotics but another zit is.

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Mary. Age: 22. Let me be your perfect companion and satisfy you in every which way to help you relax and unwind Jun 11, - I have this paniful bump between my tecticles and anus what could it be? This topic is answered by a medical expert. Pain pimple between testicles and anus. By Guest | 8 posts, last post over a year ago It sounds to me that you could have a peri-anal cyst. It can be more painful on somedays when it. Dermoid Cysts. A dermoid cyst is fairly rare, but it is generally benign. In select cases, it may become cancer later on. This type of cyst is generally found on the testicles, but it may sometimes grow along the edge of the perineum between the scrotum and the anus. These cysts originally start during fetal development. My chief complaint is that I feel a lump/mass/bump near my anus in between my scrotum and anus. I motioned with my finger and showed her where exactly the mass was and where it was painful, after a brief moment she said "oh yeah I feel that - I don't think that's an abscess, it's probably a cyst.


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