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Feb 18, - Then there's this denial from Lindsay, circa She says of the boob job rumors, "It's so retarded I'm 17 years old. My mother would never let me. I'd be deathly afraid, and it's unnecessary but I'm glad people think I have a nice chest." So what is it, bitches? Real or Fake? The one thing I think we can all. Lindsay Lohan from Real or Fake? Busty Celebs Lindsay. Age: 30. Are you searching for that "Elusive" thing? All the perks (affection,attention, mutual desire) without the drama of a "traditional relationship" A recent appearance on the hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls sparked rumors that Lohan may be overdoing the use of Botox and fillers to her face. Apr 6, - Yesterday Michelle Keegan may or may not have posted a photo of her boobs on Twitter for the world to see (we're still not completely convinced by her denial). Either way, whether it was a friendly prank or a private snap intended for her beau Mark Wright (like her ex-boyfriend Max George seems to think). Christy. Age: 26. I am available for short-time meetings in Khon Kaen or Udonthani with advance notice as I have a very busy schedule with some other businesses I run Lindsay Lohan Jan 3, - Which breasts in Hollywood are real and which are fake? Doctors weigh in. Click through this gallery of celebrities, like Lindsay Lohan, rumored to have had breast augmentations and see if you think they have had anything done. Also, if you are considering breast implants, get tips on how you can. Jun 6, - However some people believe that Lindsay Lohan never really had any major surgery except breast implants. The change in her face could also be attributed to an overdose of Dermal Fillers as Dr. Fisher pointed out. Dermal Fillers are 'non surgical' injections used in the lip, cheek and under the eye to.

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Erin. Age: 25. christy Who is the most famous woman to have a boob job? Lindsay Lohan tops our list. The “Mean Girls” star has never confirmed that she has had any plastic surgery, but photo evidence suggests that she has had a boob job amongst other procedures. Other famous women who are suspected of having breast enhancements. Jan 9, - Has Lindsay Lohan Had Plastic Surgery? That is a speculation question that many people have been wondering. Celebrity plastic surgery has long been the speculation of the masses for a long while. More and more celebrities are changing their looks using plastic surgery and some people have been. Sep 23, - It's debatable whether or not Linsday Lohan's boobs are actually fake. But if they are indeed artificial, our sister site Above The Law suggests that breast implants are a catalyst to worse behavior. Specifically drug and alcohol abuse. They offer up other fake-boobed boozers as evidence, including Miss USA.


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