Wearing panties over pantyhose

I usually wear a pair over the hose/tights to keep them from rolling down. Also it makes you feel like a secret superhero all day. Is it true that you don't wear panties with pantyhose? (20 replies) Amber. Age: 22. I am here to find people to share moments with, to build memories for both, to share a smile and a hug, a kind word and a glips of happiness... This is an unarguable fact. Of course you wear underwear under pantyhose, or else it's just wrong. Jun 28, - “OK, girls, when you wear pantyhose or tights, do you wear your panties underneath them or over them? What are GGs taught? When I put on a cute pair of undies, I prefer to wear them over my pantyhose so they are not hidden. When I wear utilitarian panties, I put them on under my hose. What say you?” Here are the  Do you wear panties under seamless pantyhose? Agrippina. Age: 20. i'm a very attractive sexy lady looking to meet real gentlemen.. Is it true that you don't wear panties with pantyhose? I started wearing tights in the 70s in my teens (you do the maths!). We wore knicks over tights to keep them up and another pair under 'for hygiene' (OMG how were 3 layers of nylon hygienic?!!) Knicks were usually full-cut, nylon and pastel or white. Tights american tan! Today im wearing navy cotton knicks. Feb 17, - Wear panties under your pantyhose. I did have a friend who used to wear a second pair over her pantyhose to keep them up, but I don't think that is necessary with well fitting pantyhose. Some of my friends also wear no panties under pantyhose, just to avoid a panty line, but if you wear a, thong or some of.

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Tyler. Age: 21. Am used to the finer things in life, i enjoy spending time with clean, respectful gentlemen who like to have a bit of naughty fun!!!! Nov 24, - The reason pantyhose go on first is because if put on over shapewear, they tend to slide down due to the slick nature of the shapewear fabric. I don't wear panties. I also don't wear pantyhose. If I want leg covering, I buy thigh-high stockings. Since my shapewear of preference is a biker short style, I first. Answers to the question, Do You Wear Your Underwear Under Or Over Your Pantyhose/tights? Answers to Questions from People Who Know at Ask Experience Project. Jul 8, - Different Pairs of Panties over Pantyhose.


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